Terms and Conditions

All customers of Excellence Automobile must have read and agreed to the terms and conditions before accepting any business with Excellence Automobile.

By accessing or using this Site, you agree to these terms of use, conditions and all applicable laws. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions you may not use this Site.



Excellence Automobile is trying our best to maintain a manageable customers database with our system, therefore any unused accounts will be automatically deleted from our system if the users have not login into Excellence Automobile website for a period of 6 months and above. Excellence Automobile reserves the right to cancel your account for any reason without further notice.



All Excellence Automobile members shall be responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of their own Username and Password. Each member is solely responsible for any activities that take place through their account. No members are allow to share or provide any account information (Username/ Password) intentionally or non intentionally to any person. Excellence Automobile will not be liable for any abuse or misuse of your account due to negligence by you regarding account information. Please inform Excellence Automobile immediately in the event of unauthorised use of any specific account, of the theft of the Username and Password.



Excellence Automobile use the shipping terms in Ex-Singapore, FOB, C&F or CIF.

FOB (Free On Board)

In this shipping term, customers will pay the ocean freight to the shipping agent at the destination. However, this term have to rely upon the shipping agent & the port of discharge and may not be acceptable. This shipping term only include the following:

A. Price of the products (Vehicle)
B. Singapore-inland processing costs (documentation & transportation)

CIF (Cost/Insurance/Freight)

This is the most commonly shipping term used, which includes the following:
A. Price of the products (vehicle)
B. Singapore-inland processing costs (documentation & transportation)
C. Marine insurance (Optional but highly recommended)
D. Ocean freight (Price quoted by shipping companies for Excellence Automobile to ship the goods)



Excellence Automobile reserves the right to require all customers to purchase insurance for their vehicles in the destination. All customers also have to reassure to buy insurance once the shipment is booked. Excellence Automobile will not be held responsible if any of the customers does not directly request of insurance. 



Excellence Automobile sells all vehicles in 'as is' condition. Therefore, all cars are sold as how it was being presented and stated in Excellence Automobile website. This also means that all vehicles are sold in the exact condition which they are in when the vehicles are posted. Due to the nature of cars, it is difficult (not possible) to be known of exactly everything of the car. Excellence Automobile is trying our best in selecting excellence & quality vehicles, however all customers must fully understand that there will be a risk associated with purchasing a used vehicle. Excellence Automobile tries hard to reduce the possibility of this risk by translating as much information about the vehicle as possible.



Excellence Automobile will not accept cancel of order for any reason.

At any point of time, if an order is cancelled after the customer make a confirmation with Excellence Automobile on any specific vehicle, any payment (or deposit) will be CONFISCATED by Excellence Automobile to compensate for losses suffered. If any customers wish to change from the confirmed vehicle to another vehicle, Excellence Automobile may take into consideration base on case by case basis only. Excellence Automobile management decision will be final.


Excellence Automobile accepts telegraphic transfer as the only mode of payment. All bank fees will be payable by the customer. Excellence Automobile will not sent out all the necessary documents (BL & Deregistration Certificate) until the full payment is received.

Excellence Automobile accepts payments in SGD, USD, NZD etc (please confirm with Excellence Automobile if your currency is not stated here). Please note that any other currencies other than SGD transferred to Excellence Automobile will be automatically converted to SGD based on the exchange rate of the bank on the day when the payment is received. Excellence Automobile will not be liable for any amount lost due to the exchange in currency.



Excellence Automobile will prepares all necessary documents needed for all the vehicles import. All necessary documents will be sent to the customer after Excellence Automobile receives the full payment for the specific vehicle. Below is a list of all documents that Excellence Automobile will send to its customers.

These documents will be sent once the ship has left port:

·         Original Invoice

·         BL (Bill of Lading): BL is a document issued by the shipping companies to Excellence Automobile. This document prove that the specified vehicle have been received on board as cargo for conveyance to the destined place for delivery under the consignee name. It is the customer responsibility to ensure that all information's provide to Excellence Automobile for the BL is correct. Customer must inform Excellence Automobile immediately if there is any amendment to be made to the BL before the carrier left Singapore, otherwise customer will have to pay a fee of SGD 100 for every copy of BL amend.

·         Marine Insurance Certificate (This document will be send to the customer only if the customer choose to purchase the marine insurance for the specific vehicle.)

·         Singapore Vehicle Deregistration Certificate. (This document shows that the specific vehicle had been deregistered by Singapore Land Transport Authority.)

·         Technical Letter (For New Zealand Customers only)

Excellence Automobile will provide all the documents (Invoice, BL, Marine Insurance and Deregistration Certificate) mentioned above to the customers. It is the responsibility of the customers to inform Excellence Automobile if there are any other additional documents needed by their country. All additional documents will be payable by the customers.



Excellence Automobile will wash and groom all vehicles before sending the vehicles for shipment. Since all the vehicles posted on Excellence Automobile website are used cars, therefore scratches and dents are common on all vehicles. "Older" or higher mileage vehicles may need some parts change. However, Excellence Automobile will do the best to touch up the vehicles so that all customers will receive a beautiful vehicle when it arrives.

The mileage of Excellence Automobile vehicles are what they were when they are bought. Excellence Automobile does not guarantee the odometer reading of all vehicles displayed on the website. However, an odometer inspection can be done upon customers request (Payable by customers) and the certificate will be courier together with the rest of the documents after the carrier departed from Singapore. Since all Excellence Automobile vehicles are sold on a "as-is", "where-is" basis, no claims arising from false odometer readings will be liable to Excellence Automobile.

Excellence Automobile tries to provide the service book and spare keys for every vehicle however it is subjected to the availability of it. Excellence Automobile will inform the customers if there is no spare key for the specific vehicle and it will be up to the customer's discretion whether to duplicate the spare keys (Payable by customer).



It is the customer's responsibility to be well-known of the import regulation and compliance for the destined country in order for the specific vehicle to be able to comply and register. Excellence Automobile will only be responsible for all the exporting process that is needed in Singapore. All taxes, custom duties, compliance of the destined country are totally the responsibility of the customer.

Extra Port Charges

Excellence Automobile will not be responsible for any extra port or storage charges occurred to the customers due to the delays of BL cause by the slow payment from the customers. It is the customer responsibility to make the full payment before the carrier departs from Singapore in order to receive the necessary documentation on time.

Shipment Schedule

Excellence Automobile will do the best to get the earliest shipment schedule possible for all customers upon full payment received. Once the vessel had been confirmed, Excellence Automobile will inform the customers immediately about the exact date of departure and the estimated time of arrival so that all customers is able to make the necessary preparation and arrangement.